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Furniture Division

Furniture and decorations place an integral role in interior design. The right pieces can bring the room together. At Walnut Tree Decorations, our team from the furniture division will assist clients in selecting the right furniture and placing it in the best locations to elevate the value of the space within the project budget.

We have a great collection of premium pieces of furniture. These are all sourced from Italy by Piermaria Design known for its contemporary innovation, versatility, and craftsmanship. Included in our collection are works of art in the form of chairs, sofas, tables, sideboards, shelves, mirrors, bed sets, wardrobes, etcetera.

These are made from a variety of wood, fine leather, upholstery, glass, and marble finish with rounded, rectangular, or geometric designs and many more. We only provide our clients with the highest quality products that they deserve to suit their refined lifestyle. Contact us today for all your home or office furniture requirements.

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