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Wood Works

Wood Works

Kitchens, Wardrobes, and Wooden Decorations are key parts of any interior fit-out project. These are carried out by our Wood Works Division consisting of talented and skilled craftsmen working closely with engineers, architects, designers, and developers; bringing a wealth of experience from planning to production and installation.

Here at Walnut Tree Decorations, we have our in-house carpentry workshop which allows us to have full control over the quality of our woodworks. We can customise the woodworks according to our client’s requirements and be sure to cope with the dynamic production demands.

Wooden interior décor has been dominating the battle for aesthetics. Whatever the style is, wood material is so versatile that it adds a touch of timelessness, charm, warmth, and function to any space. There are endless styles and tones to choose from. If you are looking to incorporate wooden aesthetics into your home, contact us today.

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